My Bloody Valentine at The Roseland Ballroom

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Above we see shoegaze titans My Bloody Valentine who have been shrunken quite small and injected into someone’s bloodstream where they continue to play music. Clockwise from top left are Kevin Shields (dog), Debbie Googe (cat), Colm Ó Cíosóig (naked mole rat) and Bilinda Butcher (deer). It should be noted that Colm’s teeth do not protrude like that, but the naked mole rat‘s teeth do. The naked mole rat is also one of my top three favorite animals. Also, the red ovals are blood vessels.

My Bloody Valentine formed in 1983, released some mediocre records from ’85-’87, settled on their permanent line up in ’87 and then, between ’87 and ’91, created some of the greatest music of all time. The band dissolved shortly after recording their masterpiece Loveless. In 2008 they began touring again and there is talk that a new record might be forthcoming.

In December they are curating All Tomorrow’s Parties Nightmare Before Christmas festival where they will perform along with Sonic Youth, De La Soul, The Sun Ra Arkestra, The Horrors, J Masics, Lilys, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, No Age and several other fantastic bands.

You’ve Got Nothing from Ecstacy & Wine

Slow from You Made Me Realise

Feed Me With Your Kiss from Isn’t Anything

When You Sleep from Loveless

Map Ref 41n 93w


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